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Living Well isn’t just a physical thing, it’s a mindset.

Hi, I'm Coach Bell!

A Women's Wellness, Womb and Weight Loss Coach residing in Atlanta, GA changing lives all over the world. From clients located in Belize to Texas to Georgia, California, other places, Coach Bell has a passion to help bring the body back into balance following habits that are doable and long term to achieve results.

She provides tools and resources that include knowledge, healthy plans and exercises. She has reversed endometriosis by changing my lifestyle ridding the body pain and giving birth naturally. Doctors stated it'd be difficult to get pregnant. She proved them wrong by doing research about food, mindset and exercise, the solutions to transforming the mind and body.

Now she is coaching women on womb wellness reversing womb chronic conditions and helping women /moms snap back (weight loss).

Weight Loss Coaching

Want to get in shape? Want to rid yourself of unwanted pounds? Want to cut out unhealthy habits?

Try fitness with Coach Bell.

Womb Wellness Coaching

Having painful menstrual cramps? want to cleanse your womb? hormonal imbalances? heavy bleeding? irregular cycles? or endometriosis/fibroids/pcos or infertility? Fill out the form by clicking the link below. My team and I can create plan to help change your situation.

Mommie & Me Fitness

Stay fit with Mommie & Me workouts, nutrition plans and planners to support mothers & children. Click the link below!

Client Testimonials

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Thus far my experience with Living Well with Bell has been great. She is very professional and attentive. I look forward to our meetings because each time you learn something new. Through our meetings, I learned to apply the knowledge and make better choices. So far, I have seen an increase in energy and a better mental state. Even when I don’t make the best choices, she continues to push me and offer words of advice and plans. Extremely happy that I had the opportunity to connect with Chameka. THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO

Ashley Rudolph-Williams

Coach Bell is very personal and such a cheerleader for her clients. Not only do you get to have fun yet challenging workouts, you gain knowledge of your overall health, especially as a woman. The recipes for smoothies and her meal plan are delicious! Coach Bell is dedicated to wellness as a whole! Definitely recommend for those who are starting/continuing their fitness/wellness journey virtually! Looking forward to more in-person group opportunity like her Mommy and Me class!

Jade Essence

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I’m incredibly happy with Coach Bell and her workout program. You can tell Coach Bell is passion about helping others to meet their health goals. I set a goal this year to lose 30 pounds and already with Living with Bell virtual workout program I’ve lost 15 pounds, I’m building muscle and toning

If you are looking for a workout program, meal plan or just motivation to help you reach your health goals, then Living Well With Bell is definitely the best training program for you.

Courtney Dionne

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Coach Bell has been AMAZING!! I initially reached out to her for a Free 15 min consultation and ended up being on the phone with her for over an hour and a half (absolutely free). She is so personable and professional. Bell’s coaching has given me the extra push I needed to start incorporating more healthy options into my diet plan. Bell’s one-on-one coaching has also provided me with essential strategies needed to conquer infertility. Natural herbs are now apart of my life as well. If you’re looking for a health coach that is an expert in physical fitness and womb health, look no further!!

Jasmine RN

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What are you waiting on?

Chameka Bell-Bennett

6595 Roswell Road

G-Suite 6103

Atlanta, GA 30328

Text "LivingWell" 206-865-6344


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